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Where investors look first for scientific assessment

How we help

Striving to confirm your investment hypothesis?

Get an independent scientific assessment to understand its possible weak points.

Aiming to reach outside of your existing network?

Ramp up quickly with POLYEXID insights when facing unfamiliar territory.

POLYEXID stands for “Polymath(*) Experts for Investment Decisions”, and it represents the Swiss response to global investors looking for scientific assessments.

(*)Polymath is an individual whose knowledge spans a substantial number of subjects, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.

As we believe that science can help our customers walk that thin red line setting apart moonshots and doomed projects, inevitably resulting in failures, we perform scientific proofing for institutional and private investors, family offices, companies with an attitude to invest in high tech ventures and a high-risk appetite.

Scientific proofing means providing unambiguous indications of the scientific plausibility and feasibility of a proposal, consistently employing a complex systems, cross-domain, cross-discipline approach.

We offer unique research services to originate deals, de-risk their scientific due diligence processes uncovering the true value of investments, saving time & money.

What we offer

POLYEXID is based on a digital communications platform that provides our experts & scientists with fast and secure access to sensitive documents needed for the evaluation.

Internal and/or external parties can view sensitive corporate information, depending on their permissions settings.

Why PolyExID?

Our clients need an independent scientific evaluation in addition to reading reports and speaking with sell-side analysts.

This is why they come to POLYEXID, to develop a solid direction for the scientific assessment of your research project by gaining insights on the core values of the innovation.

Our Polymath Scientific team provides unique insights derived directly from scientific and industry experience.

POLYEXID’s focus on selected scientific topics and industries ensures high quality assessments.

Compliance framework

We offer maximum security and compliance:


Case studies

Here are some of the innovations assessed by our experts & scientists.