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Who we are

POLYEXID is a net-working group born out of longstanding acquaintances between polymath(*) scientists from diverse backgrounds, with one shared approach: complex systems thinking.

(*)Polymath is an individual whose knowledge spans a substantial number of subjects, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.

The team includes top-notch academics, scientists, and experts with significant competence in bridging the gap from lab to market, from excellence in research to real-life applications, trained to attack the un-obvious

Pioneers who went beyond the academic commoditized disciplinarity, enjoying a genuine wide-angle research approach.

Our mission

Minimize innovation investment risk providing investors with timely highest quality scientific assessment by our team of qualified Polymath scientists & experts.

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If you are interested in learning about how the POLYEXID can help you with your specific needs, please contact us to arrange a consultation.


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